1. Refund request within Seven (7) days of payment, 100% refund on paid amount.
2. Refund request Seven (7) days after payment, 70% refund on the paid amount.
3. There will be NO REFUND on any payment made two (2) weeks prior to reopening date.
4. All Refunds can ONLY be claimed or processed by the Student name on payment receipt.
5. To use the room allocated for residential purposes only.
NOTE: The date of receipt of request form shall be treated as date of request.
1. Fill in person a student refund request form at the hostel administration with a scan copy of your student ID card.
2. If your refund is approved, we will contact you through an SMS with date and procedure for collection.


1. Students admitted into the hostel are required to be in residence during the whole of the academic year. In extreme situations an early withdrawal will result in a percentage loss of paid rent by refund.
2. Students who are in debt to the hostel or who have not paid the appropriate residence fees in advance will (at the time of reporting) not be allowed to come into residence.
3. Students will only be allowed into allocated rooms only upon full payment of residential fees.
4. Students are to vacate the rooms when the university is on recess unless permitted by the absolute discretion of the hostel subject to payment in full of imposed fees.
5. The hostel reserves the right to relocate students to a different room of same type.
6. Under no circumstances shall a student sell or transfer rooms allocated to him/ her. Mutual exchange of rooms after final allotment is not allowed. However, only hostel admission office may allow as a special case on valid and reasonable grounds.
7. Students shall permit the hostel staff to enter the room unannounced at reasonable times and upon a tip-off, to investigate “perching”, drug related cases etc.
8. Bed, mattress in rooms, table and chairs (in room and study hall) as well as gas stove and burners provided for by the hostel should not be taken from their respective places.
9. Stealing and destroying of hostel property is strictly prohibited.
10. Students are not allowed to bring their own mattress, bed, tables and chairs.
11. Student are responsible for their own keys; duplication of keys is strictly prohibited. Loss of keys will mean replacement of lock and cost surcharged to the student.
12. Students are not allowed to take their keys outside hostel premises.
13. Students are expected to keep the interior of their rooms in good condition as existing at the commencement of the semester.
14. Students are not allowed to make any alterations or additions to the rooms or decorations, fixtures or fittings. E.g. painting, wallpapers
15. Washing of cloths, brushing of teeth on the balcony & throwing of water over the balcony is prohibited. Cloths may be washed in the washroom or washed and dried in the designated areas in the yard. It is however forbidden to hang cloths, mob and towels on the balcony rails
16. It is prohibited to leave taps on and unattended. Offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
17. “Perching” is strictly not allowed. Any student caught or aiding in such will be dealt with accordingly.
18. Electrical appliances such as Electric cookers, stoves etc., water (heaters), air conditioners, washing machines etc. are not to be used in the hostel.
19. Students are not allowed to cook in the rooms, hence the hostel provision of gas cookers for all rooms on each floor.
20. Students are only allowed to use hostel rooms for the purpose of lodging. Any student caught using the hostel room for commercial purpose, entertainment, and parties will be dismissed.
21. Students are advised to keep noise level reasonably low at all times, especially between the hours of 9:00pm to 5:00 am.
22. Students should play music only to their enjoyment in their rooms and not to disturb other roommates or floor members. Offenders will be sanctioned accordingly.
23. Notices in the hostel are strictly to be displayed on the notice boards with prior permission from the administration or management.
24. Trading in the hostel rooms by students and/or allowing traders into rooms is strictly prohibited, (for security reasons) Offenders will be ejected from the hostel.
25. Students are not to keep visitors including other students in the hostel after 10:00pm, (for security reasons)
26. Students will be held responsible for the conduct of the visitors’ in the hostel. will be held responsible for your visitors’ who breaches any of the rules and regulations.
27. All visitors are to report at the porter’s lodge and sign the visitor’s book.
28. All occupants of a room must give their consent to allow a guest into the room before a guest can be entertained in the room.
29. Males are not permitted to visit female rooms before 7am and are expected to depart female rooms by 10pm and vice versa.
30. The main gate of the hostel will be shut at 11:00pm, as well as the entry point at the porters’ lodge.
31. Students with personal vehicles are to register them at the security post of the hostel every academic year.
32. Careless driving or over-speeding of cars within the hostel premises or on the road leading to the hostel is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be dismissed from the hostel when caught.
33. Washing of vehicles within the compound of the hostel is prohibited.
34. The hostel accepts no responsibility for motor vehicle or for any damages that may occur to them or to their owners. The use of the vehicle on the hostel premises is at the risk of the owner
35. Visitors with cars will not be allowed in the hostel premises after 11pm.
36. Sexual harassment of fellow students and staff will not be tolerated in the hostel.
37. Students are not allowed to abuse, (i.e. physical, verbal, emotional) discriminate or bully fellow students or employees of the hostel.
38. Stealing of fellow student’s personal items is not allowed. The hostel bears no responsibility for cases of theft in student’s rooms. Students should in any case, report any such issues of theft to the porters immediately.
39. Smoking, sale or possession of cigarette and the use of narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited in the hostel.
40. Possession of fire arms and ammunition, as well as explosive and dangerous items is strictly forbidden in the hostel.
41. Students of the hostel are to vacate their rooms in accordance with the university academic calendar. On leaving the hostel during vacation, Students are to remove all personal properties from their rooms before leaving for vacation.


The hostel is entitled to revocation of accommodation with NO REFUND, in particular if;
1. Student is found misleading or misrepresentation during reservation of rooms and payment of hostel fees.
2.Breach of these regulations may result in the immediate revocation of the residential status, including forfeiture of any money paid in advance. Failure to report breach of any of these regulations by roommates to the hostel shall be considered an act of collusion/abetment and may result in the immediate revocation of the residential status of all occupants of the room, including forfeiture of any money paid in advance.
All students are advised to exercise courtesy, understanding and love other students as well as the hostel employees and management to ensure a harmonious co-existence in the hostel, bearing in mind that the hostel is a communal facility. Students are therefore expected to respect the privacy, convenience and rights of other students.